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Korea Vassen Lens On Sales!

To all my babes,

Updates on Dueba lens
Please refer to 
for further updates!!
This blogshop is no longer active ^^
Sorry for the inconvenience caused
Thank you =)

(Updated on:11/5/2010)

RM50 for 2 pairs

LAST CALL on DUEBA pre-order 2!! (deadline:1st March 2010, Monday)

So,hurry up..don't miss it!! ^-^  

Ready stock is available NOW ^-^
GRAB now!!
Only for plano degree (-0.00)

Would like to deeply apologise that this cosmetic colour lens, Vassen lens originate from South Korea (2001) which previously was known as Fine Medical is not available

On the other hand, Dueba lens is brought in =)
Hope you girls love the lens =)

Prices list:-
For purchase of only 1-9 pairs:-
1 tone = RM28/pair
2 tone = RM33/pair
3 tone = RM38/pair
Fancy/Carnival = RM43/pair

For purchase of 10 pairs above:-
1 tone = RM25/pair
2 tone = RM30/pair
3 tone = RM35/pair
Fancy/Carnival = RM40/pair 

For purchase of 25 pairs above:-
1 tone = RM22/pair
2 tone = RM27/pair
3 tone = RM33/pair
Fancy/Carnival = RM38/pair

**Prices apply only within Malaysia and Singapore
**International shoppers please contact me via for international price list
**Accept only Moneygram/Western Union/Paypal for International shoppers

Postage rates (pos laju):-

- Peninsular Malaysia (for 1-5 pairs) / RM10 - Peninsular Malaysia (for 6-10 pairs) *additional RM8 for additional 10 pairs

RM10 - East Malaysia (for above 1-5 pairs) / RM12 - East Malaysia (for 6-10 pairs)
*additional RM12 for additional 10 pairs

International shipping - Please email me via for more information =)

Hand2hand locations:-

MidValley - RM6 
Sungai Wang Plaza - RM6
One Utama - RM5
The curve/Ikano/Ikea - RM5
KEPONG Carrefour - RM5
Taman Bukit Maluri,Kepong - FREE
Desa Park City - FREE
McDonalds Aman Puri - FREE
McDonalds Bandar Sri Damansara - FREE
Segi College Kota Damansara - FREE
McDonalds Taman Connaught - FREE
UCSI University - FREE

WHOLESALES ABOVE 30 pairs kindly contact me via email me at for bulk price from RM22 =)

Dueba lens (NEW)

Lens Specifications:
DIA: 14.0 mm/14.5 mm
Water Contents: 38-42%
B.C: 8.60
Power Step: 0.00 -6.00 (0.25 step) ; -6.00-10.00 (0.50 step)

Degree available for DUEBA contact lens are :
-0.00, -0.25, -0.50, -0.75, -1.00, -1.25, -1.50, -1.75,
-2.00, -2.25, -2.50, -2.75, -3.00, -3.25,-3.50,-3.75,
-4.00, -4.25, -4.50, -4.75, -5.00, -5.50, -6.00,-6.25,
-6.50,-6.75, -7.00, -7.50, -8.00, -8.50,-9.00, -9.50,-10.00

Important Info:
**Lens lifespan: 1 year
It last one year from the day you break the seal.

**Free colourful lens case for each lens purchase**

(Available with pre-order: Retail price: RM2/each; Wholesales for above 50: RM1/each)

Best seller (new model)
All are 2 tone lens

EOS2,EOS5,EOS6,EOS8,EOS10 = 1 tone lens

*EOS lens no longer available*
*Get EOS3,EOS4 & EOS9 -0.00 degree (ready stock) now!! Limited pairs*

*EOS4 Green
*EOS4 Gray
*EOS3 Blue

Circle lens/1 tone



2 tone

*Special 2 color lens - DB22 series no longer produced*


3 tone

Carnival lens


How to order
Simply send an email to

By stating the following details:-
  1. Name:
  2. Contact no:
  3. Email add:
  4. Mailing add: (If delivery method is Poslaju)
  5. Item code: Example DS21
  6. Colour: Example Grey & Green
  7. Quantity: 2 pairs
  8. Power(For Lens only): Example, 0/0 & 400/500
  9. Delivery method: Poslaju/Hand2hand (If hand2hand, please state your preferred location)


Terms & conditions:

*All prices DOES NOT include postage.
*Postage is to be borne by buyer.
*Delivery service is available within INTERNATIONALLY.
*Pre-order need to wait approximately 10-15days for item to reach after order had been placed.
*This is for serious buyer only. Please do not place an order if you cannot wait.
*All price are FINAL. No negotiation.
*Please make payment in 3 days after you had received our invoice/confirmation order from us. We will
cancel your order if you make late payment.
*Do NOTIFY us via email ( once you have bank in the payment to our
account by giving us the timing, bank note no, total amount etc.. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of
your order (because we do not know whether you have made ur payment).
*Goods sold are not refundable or exchangeable. Please decide clearly before placing an order.
*Seller will not be responsible for the loss or damage of the courier/delivery. Please check your items before
you sign the slips from postmen. However, if you are worried about pos delivery, we do provide some meet
up point to deliver the goods hand2hand to you too. Please refer to your meet up point location below.
*Goods sold are not refundable.

Please take note that terms & conditions anytime can be changed without notice.

Thank you for all support

Care for your lens:
**Use a new lens case to store the new VASSEN/DUEBA lens.
**Always wash your hands prior to handling your contact lenses.
** Everytime before wearing the lens (after removing from lens case), rinse the lens with sterile saline before putting it in your eye.
**Your empty contact lens case should be thoroughly rinsed with warm water and allowed to air dry (NOT recommended to air dry your lens case in toilet!! Because toilet is the breeding ground of bacteria/microorganisms.
**All contact lens cases need to be cleaned frequently, including disposable lens cases.
**Wear up to only approximately 8 hours to ensure lens lifespan to 1year.

Methods to clean lens:-
1.Drop 2-3drops of daily cleaner over lens.Rub both side of lenses.
2.Rinse lens over sterile saline solution 2-3 times.
3.Soak lenses into lens case with multipurpose solution.

Enjoy taking good care of your VASSEN lens =)

First time wearer:
1. You will have far more success and satisfaction with the lens if you follow this schedule. Your eyes need time to adjust to the lens.

Duration of wearing:-
Day 1 = 1 hour
Day 2 = 2 hours
Day 3-5 = 3 hours
Day 6 = 4 hours
Day 7 = 5 hours
Day 8 = 6-8 hours

2. Possible signs for first time contact lens wearer include: tearing, redness and sensitivity to light, itchiness, increased blinking and movement of the lens. As your eyes adapt to wearing lenses, these symptoms will gradually diminish. Don't worry =) If these symptoms still persist, please consult a doctor.

About !

Korea Vassen Lens is for stunning and gorgeous babes who want to have beautiful and attractive eyes! Vassen found in June 2001,under the name of Fine Medical, is a specialized manufacture of cosmetic contact lens at South Korea